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Add any number of items to your storage list, and then at the bottom, press the “calculate” button to see your estimated “cubic footage*” size.

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Choose a unit that fits your needs (guide)

Your recommended unit size results will appear below this red type.

The graphical storage unit images are just a representation of what a person might place in a unit storage of this size. Your specific needs and items will vary and this is only a guide.

* This represents the "maximum" volume one can place inside a storage unit. Most items will not meet this uniformity and it is recommended to allow for variances in item shapes/sizes. Not all items meet a "cubic foot block shape". Always consult a storage unit specialist with the number of items you have so they can recommend the best option/size unit for your needs.

Please contact us if you need help. We are a phone call away (866-84-STORAGE - or - 866-847-8672) or email us.

Consult our STORAGE CALCULATOR if you need an estimate to help determine a size unit that fits your needs.

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Footage Chart

Size Sq Ft Cu Ft*
5x5x8 25 200
5x10x8 50 400
5x15x8 75 600
10x10x8 100 800
10x15x8 150 1,200
10x20x8 200 1,600
10x30x8 300 2,400
5x5x8cc 25 200
5x8x8cc 40 320
5x10x8cc 50 400
10x10x8cc 100 800
10x15x8cc 150 1,200
10x20x8cc 200 1,600
10x25x8cc 250 2,000